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We're so excited you've made the decision to acquire the right skills, learn how to formulate, plan, and execute effective digital marketing strategies through our extensive hands-on training. 
Online Business Bootcamp
Designed for busy people like you, but who do have a couple of hours to spare, to help you master the essential strategies in digital marketing and to setup your business online sooner than expected.
  •     Gain exposure to the digital marketing landscape using real platform.
  •     Gain relevant and valuable skills through a practical hands-on learning experience.
  •    Get to grips with the technical side of building and managing your online business, without getting overwhelmed.
  •    Tap into the knowledge and experiences of a community of online business owners and experts.
  •     Make a game-changing impact and rise above competition.
  •    You will get step by step online techniques and strategies sure to boost your business’s success to a whole new level.
What Are The Topics Covered?
Search Engine Optimization
Learn about dominating Google for your keywords.
Social Media Marketing
Learn how to build a brand, generate leads & create loyalty on social platforms.

Paid Advertising
Are you clear on the right audience parameters? It is the key to getting your brand in front of the right people and achieving an ROI on your ad budget.
Tools & Demonstrations
Know which tools are right for your business and what to look out for to gain a competitive edge.
Email Marketing
Learn latest hacks to increase traffic and effectively build your user database with our epic content technique.
Reporting, Analytics & Organization 
Know your numbers! Learn how to monitor and collect data to get insight on customer behaviour; and how to make business decisions from the key metrics available.
Bootcamp Features
... here is an outline on how we conduct our In-house Bootcamps
    Instructor-led Sessions
 100% Hands-on Workshop
  Support through our Control Room        with a Team of Experts
  Personal Feedback & Consultation
  • Case Study Exercises
  • Lifetime Access to all Content
  • Latest Digital Marketing Tools
  • Access to Exclusive Resources
  •    Access to Keyword Research, Backlinks, & Automated Reports
If you are determined to put in some hard work consistently, 
THIS is for YOU! It is not for people who want a get-rich-quick scheme.
You Have the Power to Change Your Situation.
Clients Speak
The Secret is Simple: 20% of Your Action Creates 80% of Your Results
Here Is The Event Flow
  • Introductions with all Participants
  • Keynote Traffic & Conversions
  • Tools & Demonstrations
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Reporting, Analytics & Organization 
  • Q&A and Testimonials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Practical Implementation
  • Email Marketing
  • Q&A and Consultation
  • Get Set GO!
Search Engine Optimization
  •   Introduction to SEO
  •  Indexing & Crawling
  •   Model of Search Engines (Organic Search |Paid Search Results)
  •   Keyword Analysis
  •  On-Page Optimization
  •   Off-Page Optimization
  •  Local SEO
Social Media Marketing
  •   Social Media Strategy & Planning
  •  Define Your Target Audience
  •  Market Leaders and Competitors
  • Increase Organic Reach
  •  Social Media Best Practices (Page, Profile, Posts)
  •  Evaluating & Monitoring Success
  •   Social Media Management Tools
Paid Advertising
  •  Introduction to Paid Campaigns
  •  Ads & Landing Pages (Converting Designs)
  •  Ad Formats
  •  Bidding, Ad Budget & Timeline
  •  Advertising Campaigns
  •  Search Ads & Keyword Targeting
  • Reaching Target Audiences
  •  Conversion Tracking & Measuring Goals
  •  Pixel and Re-marketing
Tools & Demonstrations
  •   Which Tools Are Right For Your Business
  •  How Successful Businesses Use Marketing Tools
  •   How to Grow Your Business Faster
  •   Different Kind of Tools
  •  Dive Into The Tools Interface
  •   Tracking Information
  •  Free vs Paid Tools
  •  Must Have Tools & Plugins
Email Marketing
  •  Setting-up an Email Marketing Machine
  •  List Building & List Management
  •  Anatomy of an Email
  • Killer Subject Lines to Ensure High Open Rates
  •  Email Marketing Techniques
  •  Autoresponders & Newsletters
  •   Lead Magnets
  •  Optimizing Landing Pages
  •  Measure Email Effectiveness
Reporting, Analytics & Organization
  •  Introduction & Importance of Web Analytics
  •  How Google Analytics Works
  •  Google Analytics Reports & Customization
  •  What Should You Track
  •  Identify Your Goals
  • Identify Actionable Insights
  •  Setting up Your Dashboard 
FACT: 61% of marketers say growing organic presence is a high inbound marketing priority.
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